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We are #1 Venture Technologist for startups

We build your product, design your UI/UX, hosting, maintaining, measure & learn to ensure the success of your startup. Forget about overhead cost of setting up office, accelerate your tech startup by tapping into the wealth of our technical expertise at price significantly cheaper than hiring a fresh graduate

Find a VC, Get a VT and we build a successful tech startup together

We understand startups. We were trained in Silicon Valley. Your product will be built in Build -> Measure -> Learn cycle of lean startup. We won on international stage in front of judges comprised of world's top VC and accelerators. To build a great product, you need a good software development team, great UI/UX designers and also a support structure. We know you want a cost effective solution. We are here for you!

We can replicate success for you too. We have a pool of talented, award-winning engineers in town.
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Sound cool! But what can I expect?

Here is what you get by . Our package is cost effective and tailored for startup.
  • Fast MVP Prototyping
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Maintainable Clean Coding
  • Focus on System Stability
  • Built with Security
  • System Administration
  • Great UX/UI Design
  • Award-Winning Programmers
  • Cost Effective
  • Network with VC
  • Hosting Included
  • 24/7 Contact Support*

Our Packages

Accelerate your startup today! Our main focus is to help startup, you will be surprised that it is more affordable to work with us than hiring a graduate.


Easy Project

Package Code: CTC01
MYR3500 per month
MYR2999 per month
with 1% - 3% sweat equity
Standard static website (product showcase), E-commerce website, CMS development (with easy to medium modification) & any system that require initial prototyping that is less than a month
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Medium Project

Package Code: CTC02
MYR5500 per month
MYR4199 per month
with 1% - 3% sweat equity
Platform development, mobile app development (IOS & Android), CMS development (with medium to hard modification) & any system that require initial prototyping that is less than 2 months
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Hard Project

Package Code: CTC03
MYR9600 per month
MYR8199 per month
with 1% - 3% sweat equity
Platform development together with mobile APP (IOS & Android), 3D related software, embeded system & any system that require initial prototyping that is more than 2 months
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No Idea. Contact me please!

Custom Quote

Package Code: CTU00
Quote Me
No idea which package to choose from. No worries, custom fits are available. Please provide your product specification and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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* 1 All the price above are transparent with no hidden charges. Statutory charges are not included. The package includes server hosting, system administration, software development (and basically all you need for your technical support).

Our Skills in a Nutshell

System Development 100%
App Development 90%
UI/UX Design 95%
System Administration 80%
Security 85%
SEO 75%

What Our Customer Said?

The work has certainly been very pleasant and successful, but let me elaborate a bit more. Their proposal had a very thorough project plan with tighter time lines then their competitors in the project tender and yet they kept all deadlines and completed the project very well.

- Chris Schultz Regional Marketing Manager

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